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NHS – The John Radcliffe Experience

World renowned it forms part of the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and is named after John Radcliffe, an 18th-century physician and Oxford University graduate, who endowed the Radcliffe Infirmary, the main hospital for Oxford from 1770 until 1979. (JR) is Oxfordshire’s main accident and emergency site. The JR provides acute medical and surgical services including trauma, intensive care and cardiothoracic services.

Another Covid test and more entry vitals taken continued in frequency into and overnight not having eaten since Tuesday lunch time I was allowed to sneak in evening tea time meal in who ever ordered the day before I was just pleased to eat anything by this time and have a cuppa before the 2am nil by mouth kicked back in again apparently I was booked to have an MRi scan Thursday. The JR Experience!

I had been put into a single private room just off ward, felt very privileged but also cut off again not being able to see anyone only nurse staff when they came in and no contact with Anita although I hope MK had told her I was now here?

Mornings start early in hospitals I should have remembered, circa 6-6.30 am first vitals followed up by meds, if you’re lucky you can grab a power nap again before the breakfast trolley and cuppa arrives alas not for me this morning “bloody starving”. Noise levels kick up as the night shift exchange with the day shift, they again seem to come around for another vitals check in and offer of a wash to get you looking nice n shiny for the senior consultants and surgeons visit. Still in my cycling under padded shorts and ride shirt, there was no way they was getting my shirt off over the neck brace so finally they cut it off to reveal more dirt and forest floor assortment, oooh and new one on me anal swab ! You gotta be f-king kidding, this has to be You’ve Been Framed, c’mon where’s the camera crew? Apparently MRSi related and SJR procedure, OK cotton wall bud up the jacksy it is then.

Feeling more refreshed with just my CK’s for modesty now pain killers and morphine doing a grand job as I met the consultants who went over vital stats, the CT scan results and advise I’ll be in for a MRi scan later that day and from then on they can advise the correct procedure to get me up and running again. Knowing also by this time Anita could come pay a visit and bring me up to speed with the outside world. The JR experience!

“CT Findings: Mr James sustained a mountain bike accident and fractured sublaxaled his C6-C7-C4 and also T1 and a strain of the posterior band between C3
& C7”

2 days in and finally Anita is allowed to visit

The leaded hands of the clock hardly seem to move as the lunch service came and went, so jealous at this point I could have eaten a dry Jacobs cracker and it would have been Michelin 5 star rated. Think it was about 3pm when that amazing lady, my wife, walked though my room doors looking fab, a brief rest bite from my own thoughts finally she was here to hold and take some of that anxiety away; sods law they only rocked up to take me for my MRi scan!! Benefits of a private off ward room Anita was allowed to stay past the allotted 1 hour permitted time slots as I was gone for 55 mins. The JR Experience!

Now MRi this was a new one on me never quiet making it into one, not that I was hankering or anything, but they prepped me and advised Karen (lovely nurse on the ward) I’d be about 15 mins. “Ok Mr James we want you to keep very still and you’ll hear lots of loud noises so here are some ear plugs and if you feel anxious at any time press this button – insertion of pad into hand – and we’ll pop you straight out”. Hold tight here we go, slight purring as I was fed into the space tube like a human torpedo, all seemed very Star Wars at this point as you just listened to all the noises as things engaged. Then the techno sound check started and I’m sure some of these noises had been sampled by some of the worlds finish techno DJ’s! Well that was some 15 minutes, transpires it’s was 50 mins. Karen had gone, replaced by another nurse who appeared to seem nervous about conversing unlike Karen who could have been a lifelong mate, still awkward conversation better than none and that wasn’t as bad an experience as it’s made out bonus going back to see Anita it’s all good. The JR Experience!

Back in the room I was allowed to nibble some cookies, grapes and have a cuppa before Nil by mouth kicked in again at 2am. Great catching up with Anita and what had transpired that fateful evening still not coming to terms with what had happened it most definitely was on the distorted 2020 script for sure as we had so many bike plans crammed into the latter part of the year due to the pandemic putting pay to everyone’s early 2020 plans. I was glad the visit seemed to drag in a very good way but all good things come to an end and I had to say a tearful goodbye to wifey, knowing at least she would be in tomorrow, Friday I think?

A bit out of the norm, a second visit from Head Surgeon Nikolaos and Trainee Surgeon Katarzyna with feedback from the MRi scans. If hospitals had air steward training they would have instructed “Brace! Brace! Brace!”. At this juncture as Nikolaos advised the findings and what they proposed to do “yes it was serious, more serious than the CT scan had shown” and “yes it was surgery” with fractures and damage to various vertebrae C7 & C6 fractured and displaced by 7mm fractures to C4 & T1 and a whole array of other issues highlighted in this report. Emotional wreck would sum me up nicely as the surgical procedure sounded horrendous and they both knew it was a lot to take in no matter how much they tried to comfort me their worry was paralysis at this juncture and to stabilise my neck paramount, going in via the throat, with all its gory sounding issues, and bone grafts etc. way too much to take in drugs or no drugs, again left alone to comprehend all that was laid on the table, with this looming the very next day scarred was an understatement. The JR Experience!

“MRi Findings : Patient was discussed in MDT and posterior long fixation was recommended. Un-displaced spinous process fracrure at C4 and bilaminar fractures at C6 with fracture extension into the right C6 facet, fracture dislocation at the right C6 C7 facet joint with perching of facets. There is a grade 1 anterolisthesis of C6 on C7 with circumferential disc bulging and fracture throughC7 superior endplate with anterior displacement of the anterior corner. Further superior endplate oedema seen at T1,T2 and T3 with oedema extending into T1 pedicles associated with acute bony injury. Extensive soft tissue oedema extending along the anterior longitudinal ligament through this region – into C3 to C7 consistent with high grade acute ligament injury. There is discontinuity of the ligament flavium C5 and C6 with a defect measuring up to 7mm in keeping with rupture (sag series Im: 5-6)”

A short text to Anita telling her about the consultation, fat fingers stabbing at the phone pad through tear stained eyes the severity VERY REAL now and any thoughts of riding again seemed torn up and thrown out the window. Emotions are very powerful more so when left alone to dwell but positive messages came flooding in as the news broke in the outside world, better than any drugs the thoughts and well wishes took the edge off a bit. The JR Experience!

The plan was an early morning or “first thing” as they said, I now know that could mean anytime depending on surgeons shift so Anita hadn’t booked a visitors slot knowing I’d be in theater most of the morning and recovery ward thereafter. Still Nil by mouth hours drifting away, the anaesthetist came took some weights and dimensions promptly followed by Nikolaos, Head surgeon and Katarzyna “Ok Mark we still plan to operate but after further consultations we feel we need to go in via the back of your neck, less complications but priority being stabilisation of the fractures better recovery options too OK, please don’t worry all will be fine”. I did feel a little wave of relief wash over me as the second procedure sounded a much better option, quick message to wifey then back on the waiting game and running over in my head… by this time tomorrow it’ll all be over operation wise, bit of a sadistic way of looking at it but it meant the start of mending, the damage would be fixed-ish, I’d see Anita positives. The JR Experience!

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In safe hands now

I don’t think any of us at that time and throughout really knew the severity of what had happened or what injuries I had sustained, just something bad. I just felt numb and a tadge uncomfortably the whole time. The guys had kept me stable and immobile throughout those hours on the woodland floor and only time would portray what a life saver those actions were, at worse stemming off a real possibility of paralysis of some degree.

Bumping gently over what I now know was Woburn Golf course was the most direct access point to get me out of the woods and on my way to MK General Hospital. Still numb but not in any real pain time had become irrelevant, the last check in the woods was 22.30 and I hadn’t a clue what it was now as my view changed from ambulance roof to a brief waft of night air before A&E ceiling tiles. It all started to become a bit of a blur, tiredness aiding to that sensation. “Ok were going to get you to have CT scan” (a computerized tomography (CT) or computerized axial tomography (CAT) scan combines data from several X-rays to produce a detailed image of structures inside the body ) So nerrr nerrr… In safe hands now!

Into the CT polo and back out again into trauma ward. Still non the wiser as to what I had done to myself but getting used to ceiling tiles in various formats now and finding grit, sand leaves and twigs in various places that my hands could reach and still dressed in my full riding kit. Coughing, moaning, distant shouting, muffled voices of nurses, doctors going about their duties, I just lay there still taught and stiff, hungry, tired, mind just a wash of thoughts about what had transpired that evening; why me, what did I do wrong, why can’t I move my neck but things seem to fine everywhere else, how was Anita, where was Anita? Vitals being checked all seemed fine and part of the course, a senior doctor introduced herself and advised my wife had been informed of my current status (haven’t a clue on time at this juncture) 2am it transpires, initial reports from the CT scan look promising she advised and they were looking at getting me comfortable with an adjustable collar, with observations overnight and we can get you home in the morning. A warm rush of relief washed over me, I think a little smile too. In safe hands now!

How quickly that can change as the medical safety carpet was suddenly pulled from under my feet as the same senior consultant came back to see me. I could make out in the dimly lit ward lighting a totally different persona, that optimistic look had gone replaced with an almost tear teetering serious face “Hi Mark I’m so sorry but after several more in-depth consultants have reviewed your scans we think you have some serious fractures to some of your neck vertebrae we are transferring you to St John Radcliffe in Oxford tomorrow”. My happier mindset draining away with every word, being replaced by a mirror image of the senior consultant serious face but soon overtaking her in the fast lane of emotions with fear, uncertainty, distress and floods of tears trying to be held back “because that’s what blokes do eh”. A comforting hand , more reassurances and sorrys did nothing to quell my current state “I just wanted to hold my wife x” In safe hands now!

Anita had been in and dropped off some essentials but due to Covid-19 restrictions was again unable to visit directly, heaven only knows what she had been dealing with mentally and emotionally. Drifting in and out of sleep states, vital checks, noises of the ward, pain killer drowsiness – emotions running riot in my semi-dream state, Covid test, MRSi test, more vitals and senior doctors talking all seemed blaa, blaa, blaa, blaa they could have told me anything laying with just my thoughts for company. Apparently Anita was told all this at 4am not that that’s any comfort as I’d lost track of anything. I managed to get my spd cycling shoes off by now and my knee pads off my knees before crashing out through exhaustion. Woken by another vitals check and nurses offering some kind of wash only to find more squirrels bedding; Woburn sand literally and a few twigs. Most of that day was a blur to be honest up until the ambulance crew arrived to carry out the transfer to SJR, paramedics and staff getting me onto the clip board and spine board, more straps and head blocks, plus the added face mask to complete this year’s transfer catwalk look. In safe hands now!

Greeted by a warm summer’s day and light breeze, change of ceiling tiles again as I was extracted from MK General to the awaiting ambulance, a quick journey brief and we set off what on a good run was approximately an hour. Tried to play inside my head the game guess the road were on but soon lost interest and the mild excitement of another ambulance ride and transfer lost its appeal to be replaced bumpy minute by minute discomfort laying prone on these boards the ambulance going a smoother speed as feasible prolonging the discomfort, that an hour plus in changed to anxiety as breathing deepened and overwhelming nauseous sensations started to kick in, inducing those tears once more to the point they pulled over to offer some rest bite, install a cannula into my arm to administer anti sickness drug as the cool sensation trickled into my vein systems and 30 minutes later I was back on some sort of level to continue. Transfer taking some 2 hours 40 mins before another glimpse of the summers evening sky and warm air and a new set of ceiling tiles ending up on West Wing Neuro Green ward. In safe hands now!

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Not the last run!

Goes without saying or at least it’s an unwritten MTB rule “the last run of the day” seems to be linked with most accidents so has become taboo in a way, mind you it wasn’t and my mind was looking forward to running the sweet fast descents on Barns Hill – TT, Hogan’s Run and Sleazy Mexican perhaps not Social Distance but any of the above a smile inducing whaaaahoooo. Never the last run!

Sitting at the meeting point start of Frenchman’s and where a few other lines start our plan was going to drop into one of Jamie’s old lines, I’m sure it was magic torch when he cut it, anyhow a few sweeping turns in you have options to split right for the chute or left to drop off a plateau land and immediately sweep left carrying your speed back up the embankment and back on the gas as you start to pick up speed and hit some gnarly roots n ruts, trail splits again to high and low lines again strewn with roots and ruts leading onto the embankment ridge line, options to hit a little booter or roll the embankment. A rooty exit out into some sweeping corners with deep pump ditch to negotiate before the trail splits again to do the full run or cut short and peddle up towards the impossible climb and Barns Hill side. Never the last run!

Let’s go “Hartley”! Anita leading the charge as I set off after her followed by Carl and the others, she had a gone out the blocks like a hare! First section I had been dialling in over the last couple of rides and had a mint line leading up to the drop; fast sweeping corners, tip the bike in to the left of the tree stump and inside the tree on your right-hand side not a lot of room for error but oh so smooth nailed the drop catching sight of Anita disappearing back up the bank. Chase on up the bank letting the bike flow and absorb the hits through the root section picking up speed, opting for standard high line onto the ride line. Accidents happen, or seem to, in one or two distinctive modes… slow mo or you’re on the deck before you know what’s happened. Mine was most definitely the latter, a loud crack followed by an immediate loud clatter of human hitting dirt and objects with a sprinkling of having Anthony Joshua hitting you in the sola-plexus or deflating bag-pipes, coming to a halt on my knees head in hands disorientated. Never the last run!

Crash landing, on all fours and unable to move

Immediate reaction is always to get up check bike. No chance as I couldn’t lift my head and was trying to suck in as much oxygen as possible as the lungs started to fill with air once more, being washed over with adrenaline, numbness, disorientation and WTF happened. Lucky the guys on hand have first aid and carried out the initial assessment – called for an ambulance straight away, checked for bleeds, movement etc. and stern instructions not to move. The gang going into rescue over drive not that I could see anything that was going on still face down and numb. Paramedic crew #1 promptly escorted in and assessed the scene and what had been done already, the next few hours all becoming blurred into some seamless timeless nightmare and series of comical errors as the contract paramedic crew couldn’t find us or an extraction vantage point, time to roll. Never the last run!

With the help of the gang rolled over
On with the neck brace

Friend Chris and Paul were now also on the scene which meant enough hands around to support my neck and carry out log-roll procedure “on three and roll” neck brace on and at least a different view after an hour and half being on my knees. Still no news of paramedic crew #2 as I lay there numb looking at the tree canopy gently sway in the late evening breeze, that view becoming ever more obscured as dusk settled in knocking on night times door. The guys moving bikes, stopping riders coming through, blankets and jackets being rustled up, crackle of radios and anxious responses as to WTF are you, jokes and laughs keeping everyone just above the edge as dusk gave way to night and the stage changed to torch lights flashing in the dark like a prison break search scene. Reassurances that the second crew were nearly here, new muffled voices and more torch beams changed the atmosphere as evac was now happening, getting onto the clip board to then go onto a spine board, head blocks and a blur of friends faces, torch light, straps and braces and the lift began laying there trying to picture the trail in reverse to the gate were the sanctuary of the ambulance was waiting. Never the last run!

Crew #2 finally arrive
Clip board, check. Spine board, check. Head strapped in, check. Body strapped in, check. Let’s get out of here

Having been on the lifting end before I know how awkward and heavy spine boards are to carry on flat terrain let alone up and down rough terrain and embankments, night air awash with puffing and panting, instructions, light beams and directions as they negotiated the trail obstacle course backed up with reassurances of “nearly there now Mark”. The ambulance door beckoned and I was inside with a different view; white fibreglass roof, lights and medical looking equipment, didn’t realise at the time that Anita wasn’t allowed on-board as the whole Covid-19 thing had paled into less importance but was now back in focus, hate to think what she must have felt? Never the last run!

Out of the woods and onto the trolley, ready for the ambulance
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21/07/20 No Ordinary Day!

Do we really have any ordinary ones? I guess it depends on your view on life and what makes you tick, certainly some exciting adventures on the bike to look forwards to, having just ridden an epic ride in the Peaks. Work projects all exciting and coming to completion and the world lurches back into some kind of normality. Riding was good and getting even better after receipt of my new YT Capra Pro, I was feeling pretty hooked up on this new carbon bike. Family and friends all seem to be doing well under these strange pandemic times, just off the back of an 18th birthday celebration and with my youngest to celebrate this very day. No Ordinary day!

5am start for a drive up to Stockton Heath to collect some materials for a project to finish this very week that had ground to a halt due to the pandemic. With the roads empty and the morning breaking it was a pleasant trip there and back and had the opportunity to catch up with some awesome friends, albeit fleetingly. Made it back home for lunch and to see wifey and wish my son happy birthday and look forward to seeing him to celebrate properly the following weekend. No Ordinary day!

A decoration job to complete that afternoon then a proposed early evening shred with an old friend, alas the day took its toll and feeling tired and hot decided to can the ride then battled with my head all the way home promptly turning around to head to the woods as I knew Anita had packed my bike and kit; subliminal mantra saying “it’ll do ya good, blow those cobwebs away”. Arrived just in the nick of time, quick change and it was on the bike and off with the gang; wifey Anita, Carl, Nikki, Gosia and Andrew throwing together their usual Backwoods loop and Barns Hill finish. One of those rides when everything felt in sync, perfect trail conditions, warm summers evening, great company, the bike really hooking up on everything, sweet line choices, corners all feeling fluid perhaps it was a good choice after all, love riding my bike. No Ordinary day!

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MTB Instruction and Flow MTB

Ladies Introduction/intermediate skills/trail session sponsored by Flow MTB ladies MTB bike apparel Saturday 11th June

We are pleased to announce that Flow MTB we will be sponsoring our women’s specific mountain bike courses.

Flow MTB is an broadband online store selling women’s specific bike mountain bike clothing, accessories and protection and offering ladies an extensive choice of brands and sizes, that would otherwise be hard to find and when you book onto one of our women’s specific courses you’ll get a FREE Flow MTB goodie bag.

Our women’s specific courses cover :

  • correct bike set up
  • body position and bike dynamics
  • brake modulation
  • confidence at speed; learn how to alter your perception of speed and ride faster
  • dealing with trail obstacles; how to get over, through and up things
  • cornering techniques; from switchbacks to fast flat corners and berms
  • getting your wheels off the ground
  • drops, steps and jumps


You can find an up to date list of all our women’s specific courses on our event calendar.

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North Wales Odyssey

The great north / south divide Wales odyssey carefully stitched together MTB styleee takes us to trail pastures new and old with amazing trail memories through the spine of Wales down and out the other side! A little short on numbers goats n chicks wise was filled by bags of ‘OMG!’, ‘f’me!’ and ‘how good was that!’

Day 1 – Antur Stiniog –  wasn’t sure what to expect but having hit the DH runs the 6-inch travel bike just coped with the blue sprinkled with a little red. That’s not to say you can’t have bags of fun on the blue and push the limits, Anita can testify to that! Venture outside the realms of the blue and you most certainly need a big rig and need to be on your game, and if you want to do other things like wood work, the use of tools as a drum sander is perfect for this kind of work.

We found the ideal Guest House (Isallt Guest House, Festiniog) if not one of the best we have stayed at over the years, ticked all the right boxes. What a great place to come back to after an all seasons in one day DH adventure; awesome host, breakfast, juices, coffee, cake right in the town of Bleanau Ffestiniog.

Day 2 – Driving south down the spine of Wales past Coedy, to Machynlleth to hit the Cli-machx or should we say “ANTI-climax” ?!  After and 11K ascent we were all excited and ready for the 4K technical whaaahoo descent and it was closed – no mention of it at the start! Kinda narked you off a bit then to top it off the bike shop had gone out of business and lunch was in the soap dodgers, pot smoking, Greenpeace activist, basil brush eaters paradise! Anita was in Veggie heaven.

Onwards and southwards past, Rhayader, Caersws scene of some past DH memories, Builth Wells and what was then Merida events and bugger me were in the Forest of Dean!

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Lavatrax, Tenerife

Winter sun! Dry dusty trails! All day descending! Spanish portions of spirits with my wife; doesn’t get much better.

Hooking up with Darren from Lavatrax Tenerife, after all these years since first meeting him doing our MTB coaching badges back in 2006 I’m scratching my head as to why I left it so long to ride here!!! Darren has crafted some awesome technical trails and considering we didn’t even start at the top of Mount Teide due the roads being closed due to ice we still descended on average 34K a day. In parts, it reminded me of Switchbacks but on steroids and for most parts you needed to be on your game ride wise, but testament to Anita she gave it a go and at times was outside her comfort zone and doing the first day with rear brake failure is a “hats off to ya baby, hi-fives”, ream more at

From 2000m past the cloud line, through pine forests, into cat litter style looseness, rock fests, lava sculptured ruggedness, to slick lava flow slabs, wasteland dumps n scrub land into Mos Espa pod racing territory it had it all. The trails are awesome and even linking bits together with some tarmac high-speed shenanigans before lunch n cafe con leche made it days to remember, oh and afters, the afternoon descending down to the coast for well-earned beers or G&T’s seem to be the order.

Great trails, great digs, great people, great weather just need to get you lot out there…until next time eh, c’mon you know you want to!

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Bike Park Wales, Feb 2014

Through storm & tempest and out the other side with MASSIVE smiles on our faces! Weather was looking ominous from every angle and for those that bailed it’s one to note; ride in what’s offered up on the day in that very given moment.

By the time the crew arrived the storm clouds had parted for broken cloud spattered with blue bits, angry rain/sleet/snow would come and go throughout the day but never it seemed when you where pinning the trails? A few seasons in one day!

There has been lots of thought put into this bike park when you think of the amount of water being thrown at it. It ran faster than expected, no gloop just well drained fast surfaces. The reds & blacks are just that but with more rocks and bigger features thrown in to really test the skill set of us all! Sixtapod was a blue but you could absolutely gun it fast, sweeping, flowing, booters, berms, hold in banks; even on the DH rigs you could proper nail it. Fast flowing pre-jumps glide over crests offering up smile induced lets do it again.

The Blacks are most definitely BLACK!! Big drop off’s more gnarl n rocks, roots but seasoned it’s another cracking set…………..Thanks to a great crew Miss smiles & Miss Shifty, Mr spesh, Mr Goat, Mr Crash, Mr Hutch, Mr Matrix and Matt I think I can say it was AWESOME and hell yes going again!

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Wharncliffe / Greno Woods – Feb 2013

This was pitched in as an alternative to our normal Sunday club ride that we could reach drive wise without doing an over nighter. It’s not a trail center per-say but does feature in lots of magazines and ride books, plus its Peaty’s back yard and of late has held Steel City’s mini downhill event and boasts an urban trail right in the city’s back garden.  A healthy crew alas only me representing the chicks and a collection of the Goats; Mr Spesh, Matrix, Whistler, Goat n Spliff.

We set off early one Sunday and headed north up the M1 armed only with footprint directions. Alas all the sat navs, phones, Google maps couldn’t help so a local garage came to the rescue and 5 minutes later we were in the car park on another chilly February morning. As chance would have it the mountain bikers un-written rule book helped us out as a local guy gave up his shred to show us what all the noise was about. We rode Greno side first, a few short climbs followed by a nice descent flowing in the trees before spitting us out at a big bomb hole and Peaty’s drop; you-tube it and you’ll see how mad this is?

The Wharncliffe side was supposed to hold some hidden gems and a red grade trail.  A sweet drop into the course was soon dampened by the mud and gloop fest that ensued for the majority of the ride.  The goats were on a mission to find the technical gems we’d heard of but my legs were shot, so I decided to pedal back to the van and warm up. The guys did a hike a bike to run a trail or two but was it worth the drive and vague exploration? Guess you never know until you try it and I’m sure if we venture back and hook up with the Sheffield posse in the dry we’d have more of a hoot.

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Ladybower Oct 2012

As a part of the ladies mountain biking club we, like our male counterparts, like to push our limits and try something new. Ladybower as ride location concept was thrown in as an alternative to our normal Sunday club ride. We as a collective looked at what trails we could reach drive wise without doing an overnighter!

We wanted a challenge; something natural and un-manicured like trail centres and Ladybower looked like it could tick all the boxes a great place, just an hour drive away with some real testing features.

The loop didn’t disappoint, gently rising upwards from the lakeside starting point through narrow country lanes before a rest bite outside a cottage, just before the off road section started. A technical climb in mud, strewn with various size boulders took us high into the fields to mate with a known walker’s path. The effort was rewarded with some stunning views, a break before the hill sides plateaued out as far as the eye could see, lines, ruts and grass to take your pick, leading into two meter wide rock garden of a bridle way leading to our highest point. A pause for thought as the “Beast” was next. An infamous rock garden descent that seemed to go on forever testing every bit of our skill set.

We broke for lunch at Derwent water famous for its exploits in WW2, and the testing of the dam buster bouncing bomb, as well as its natural beauty. The climb out was just as testing as we hit the rock steps before a long haul cross country to the summit again ready for the last but one hurrah down. The next section was fun, random rocks peat bogs and lines a plenty ‘pick one at your peril!’ spitting us out into another rocky descent. A traverse across the middle of the hillside before another rock fest of a descent down to the pub for well-earned drinks and hot food, before a road spin back to the cars. A must for those who want to hone their skills riding rocks and natural trails, made all the better having the chicks on board.

Ladybower, Peak District MTB Trip