Skills Courses

Have you reached a level in your mountain biking where you’re riding the same old trails in the same old way? Why not let us help you to move to the next level.

MTB Instruction, mountain bike skills courses UK

With one of our mountain bike training and skills courses we can help you improve every aspect of your trail riding. Our mountain bike training and core skills courses are designed to get you riding your bike confidentially and to your full potential.

Each course is tailored to meet your needs and is delivered in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere to suit riders of all ages and levels of ability. Each course starts will our core skills loop so our instructors can tailor the course to your skill level.

Whilst our courses outlined below are individual in technicality, we like to push our clients abilities so there scope to seamlessly flow from one level to another to get the maximum potential out of your day on the bike with us. We can do this by our specially designed “core skills loop“.

Introduction to Mountain Biking

‘Introduction to Mountain Biking’ courses cover all the core mountain bike skills you are likely to need to get you riding off road. correct bike set up and rider position

  • going uphill
  • going downhill
  • braking techniques
  • gear selection
  • efficient peddling
  • cornering
  • drop offs
  • front wheel lifts
  • emergency trail repairs; including punctures and broken chains
  • risk assessment

This course is suitable for those new to mountain biking or those who have tried mountain biking but want to build up their confidence. Download further details of our Introduction to Mountain Biking course.

Intermediate Mountain Bike Skills

Our ‘Intermediate Mountain Bike Skills’ course is structured to train you in more advanced mountain bike skills, we’ll cover

  • berms and cornering at speed
  • drop offs at speed
  • bunny hops; lifting the back wheel
  • descents; steep and using different terrain
  • ascents; advanced techniques
  • track-stands
  • technical obstacles

Advanced Mountain Bike Techniques

Our ‘Advanced Mountain Bike Techniques’ course will give you everything you need to ride black runs in the UK and prepare you for European trails.

  • advanced techniques
  • riding large obstacles
  • north-shore
  • rock gardens
  • step ups
  • jumps; tabletops

This course is suitable for confident mountain bikers who want to tackle large obstacles and be able to ride UK black runs smoothly. Looking to improve some specific then why not contact us, we can tailor a course just for you!