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21/07/20 No Ordinary Day!

Do we really have any ordinary ones? I guess it depends on your view on life and what makes you tick, certainly some exciting adventures on the bike to look forwards to, having just ridden an epic ride in the Peaks. Work projects all exciting and coming to completion and the world lurches back into some kind of normality. Riding was good and getting even better after receipt of my new YT Capra Pro, I was feeling pretty hooked up on this new carbon bike. Family and friends all seem to be doing well under these strange pandemic times, just off the back of an 18th birthday celebration and with my youngest to celebrate this very day. No Ordinary day!

5am start for a drive up to Stockton Heath to collect some materials for a project to finish this very week that had ground to a halt due to the pandemic. With the roads empty and the morning breaking it was a pleasant trip there and back and had the opportunity to catch up with some awesome friends, albeit fleetingly. Made it back home for lunch and to see wifey and wish my son happy birthday and look forward to seeing him to celebrate properly the following weekend. No Ordinary day!

A decoration job to complete that afternoon then a proposed early evening shred with an old friend, alas the day took its toll and feeling tired and hot decided to can the ride then battled with my head all the way home promptly turning around to head to the woods as I knew Anita had packed my bike and kit; subliminal mantra saying “it’ll do ya good, blow those cobwebs away”. Arrived just in the nick of time, quick change and it was on the bike and off with the gang; wifey Anita, Carl, Nikki, Gosia and Andrew throwing together their usual Backwoods loop and Barns Hill finish. One of those rides when everything felt in sync, perfect trail conditions, warm summers evening, great company, the bike really hooking up on everything, sweet line choices, corners all feeling fluid perhaps it was a good choice after all, love riding my bike. No Ordinary day!