MTB Skills Coaching for Schools

Tearing up the ‘old skool sports rule book’ we have developed and fine tuned our schools module to offer the students a truly unique, adrenalin filled, exhilarating experience inviting them into the world of extreme sports and mountain biking.

MTB Instruction Schools Mountain Bike Lessons

Our mountain biking module goes further than just a sport it offers them:

  • new bike skills
  • self confidence
  • a sense of accomplishment
  • respecting and looking out for others
  • leadership
  • map reading skills
  • bike maintenance
  • nutrition and healthy eating
  • endurance and fitness
  • respecting the enviroment

But most importatly all this is done whilst having fun and enjoying this new found experience. Let your students ‘Ride the Dream’ with MTB Instruction. Courses are run over a 6 week term and can be run as an after-school club or during curriculum PE. For more information and a copy of our schools pack please contact Mark on 07545 184715.

The Radcliffe School – Milton Keynes

The Radcliffe School Mountain  Bike Lessons

MTB Instruction has just completed an excellent six week experience for our students as part of our Volunteering and Leadership Hub sessions. The students really improved their cycling skills and their overall confidence during these sessions, and we identified some really talented riders that we hope to develop further.

The instructors ensured the activities were challenging and differentiated as we had a real range of riding and experience and a few characters within the group. The students felt that they were taking risks even though it was all managed in a controlled and safe manner by the instructors.

The students were involved in our recent Parents Evening demonstrating their new skills to our Prospective Year 7 students, which certainly added a new dimension to the evening! All of the students have signed up for a further six weeks which tells me all I need to know about the quality of the experience. We look forward to the next half term, when they will be able to experience night riding through the woods!


 St Edmunds School – Canterbury

St Edmunds School Canterbury

We came across MTB Instruction when searching for details regarding a training module to deliver to our yr 7 and 8 pupils, over a six week duration. Our school is developing a curriculum Outdoor Education programme, in partnership with our existing CCF and DofE ventures. Mountain biking has been identified as an activity we can deliver effectively here.

A great day with MTB instruction, converting to the excellent MIAS leaders courses. Simply put, MTB instruction just get it right, time and again. They totally understand the needs of their clients, and, the delivery, and progression, of skill learning ensures progression, and achievement, for all, regardless of prior experience. MTB Instruction has set us on a path to deliver MTB training to our pupils, with the confidence and understanding to enthuse a new generation of riders. So important in a world dominated by technology and social media.

You’ll be pleased to know your course has been great. We’re rolling it out as part of our new Diploma in Leadership and Resilience to sixth form next year too!


Swanbourne House





Thinking of introducing our schools module into your school? Why not have one of our free demo days. For more information on organising a demo day and a copy of our schools pack please contact Mark on 07545 184715.