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Road to Recovery Week 1

The weekend done and a week post op surpassed seemed so quick to reach this point, but again using them as time line references. Few more bits to complete at a client’s, again only sitting watching and advising but again a muggy hot day, and something so simple as a sneeze jolted the body into instant tear enducing  pain bent double sucking in deep breaths trying to get some composure back, my mate could see my discomfort. That happened three times this day each one ending the same way, tear filled pain and what seemed like my first major setback. My sol plexus and chest so, so painful I must have damaged something or cracked some ribs as this seemed to be giving me the most discomfort more than the other parts in the league table of pain and discomfort, adding to the late evening burn there was no way I was exercising today as bed seemed the optimum outcome. Road to recovery week 1!

Based on yesterday Tuesday was going to be a ‘doing F-all day’ to enable me enough energy to do my first set of rehab exercises. I decided to do these after breakfast in the cool of the summers morning.   The plan going forwards: gentle stretch out and rolling of the shoulders / 10xchin to chest / 10xlook ups / 10xhead turn to RH shoulder / 10xhead turn to LH shoulder / 10xshoulder shrugs / 10xlight resistant band double arm pulls / 10xlight resistant ban arm raises / 10xstanding push ups angles to wall/ledge / 10xneck retracts / 10-15min spin on turbo. Carl had been around to set up the Cycleops loaned by Paul and got an old eagle cassette fitted after much ado trying to figure out as it was so close to the cover on the turbo.  We tried a training app out FulGaz kinda worked with real video footage but felt way too uncomfortable to sit in ride position, head was no where near being right, slight low but an incentive to work the neck. Road to Recovery week 1!

Again come evening head and neck always seems to get heavy, the evening burn kicks in around the neck operation and always feeling shattered never quiet putting my finger on as only a week and a bit ago I was bang on fitness wise so did a little digging:

“The surgery itself causes tissue injury. After surgery, your body undergoes repair and recovery, which drives a higher baseline metabolic rate and draws on your nutrient stores. So it isn’t surprising such intense activity at a cellular level results in feeling tired after surgery.”

Post surgery with honeycomb dressing
After the doctor’s visit to remove honeycomb dressing
3 weeks post op healing nicely

Ah-ha kinda coin drops, so on top of trying to go about general activities the body’s inbuilt ambulance crews are on overtime.  Anita had been putting together some high protein meals and I was eating well including my snacks throughout the day, but I was burning all this up with consummate ease. Mind you my metabolic rate was high prior to this heaven only knows the energy I’m knocking out currently, but the body is an amazing bit of kit. The scuffs on my head and nose had almost gone as was the one under my arm, so I guess those ambulance crews could be moved else where in the body, well there was a lot of shit to repair let’s face it.  My chest again was the main cause of discomfort, neck and shoulders only had a say late evening adding to the joy! Fuck another sneeze Tuesday evening again jolting me back into pains-ville, feels like your rib cage is being pulled apart and it takes you a while to get any level of comfort and breathing straight after, wipe away the tears, take the hug from wifey re-group and go again, not a great way to end the day I must sleep now. Road to recovery week 1!  

Steady would be the optimum word for the rest of the week, exercise during the day mainly in the morning, a little walk, some blog writing emptying the mind, lunch and power nap knowing the day would eventually catch up on me. The burn would kick in around 6-7pm quelled by pain killers only Paracetamol  as the last batch of meds would finish this Wednesday another goal on that timeline. The laxatose and senna now reducing the hiking boot n crampons passing down to a silk slipper, phew! As stupid as they may seem they seem like small goals surpassed as you trickle back into some normality. Don’t get me wrong there was shit loads going on with the internal ambulance crews but you take these little goals as steps in the right direction. The exercises seemed to be going OK albeit feeling knackered after and when your immersed in it you can never gauge how you’re doing other than Anita or people revisiting after a few days exclaiming “Oh wow look how well you’re doing etc etc.” So that always makes you feel good about yourself no matter how small that may seem. Still more messages from people I know from around the world and those that have gone through this recovery process. Road to recovery week 1!

Heading towards the weekend always a good thing, been trying to do nothing all week, few little ventures out and the exercises then back for a snooze, feeling shattered.  A longer walk into town and back Saturday would be the furthest walk so far, break in town to have breakfast, mooch around a little then a walk back having to stop for a rest, if I had a fuel guage it’d be running on empty by the time we reached the front door, but another little goal ticked off with a well-earned snooze. More exciting was joining in the Sunday gang for a ride (well walk for my part) I took the neck brace this time just as a safety net in case I tripped arse over. I took the camera too, something else to do, see who was about shredding some of my lines on Barns Hill, taking it steady made it to Social Distance a line I cut in with Charlie (my empire of dirt). Hhhhmmmmm needs some TLC but that’s for another day. Got some shots and bumbled over to TT, then over to Sleazy and Hogan’s gave them a little scrape with my instep but both needed some TLC too, too many bell ends dropping in not knowing the lines and just fucking the trail up with their ineptitude!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr just scope first then shred you twats or F-off to the park………..Ooh must be feeling better! Bumped into a few local riders, hitting up the booter out of sleazy, few coaching pointers and some shots too, one dude giving it a look mum a no hander! It was getting into 11.30/12 where are the gang? It was ticking on a bit and the neck was feeling heavy and I was starting to feel tired so started to walk out down sleazy thought I’d stop by the bomb hole in case some riders came through, good place for some shots as they loft out. A lad dropped in way too hot, newbie, sent it off the lip and started to over rotate in slow motion “OMG” I thought he’s gonna slam into the deck that’s all I need!  Landing backside front wheel and him about to tomb stone it would go either way and it went the good way! Phew! His mate came through, very steady I couldn’t watch anymore so walked away passing those guys stating “you were lucky there bud” he knew it as well. Anita and the gang coming across a guy who had done exactly that a few weeks before but came out the bad side, that’s the fine line we ride. Road to Recovery week 1!

Fuel cells on empty as the gang came past just out of London End Lane, all safe and sound, it was good to be in the woods but that positive mental refresh had been worn away by the exertion needed to do a simple short walk. Still it was nice to see people shredding, the gang out and go for coffee adding some kind of normality to life, then home for a snooze and re-set, a chilled rest of the day before the start of a new week of I hope going in the right direction. Road to Recovery week 1!

Guess I’m kind of up to speed now so these blogs will be less frequent, not wanting to bore or anything, but there’ll be up-dates as we go along, so at this point thank you for spending the time to read my adventure thus far, as honest as it is, seems a long road at the moment but I’ve got some amazing people around me, there are some goals on that road as to when I’ll get to them I’m not sure at this juncture but they’re there waiting, teasing, incentivising – well that’s how I’m thinking. You all take care ride safe and enjoy your shredding YeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeoooooooooW!”