Women’s Specific

Our women’s specific mountain bike training and skills courses are designed for women who want to experience mountain biking or have some experience but want to progress to the next level and build their confidence without the guys around!

There are no concessions in our courses delivery & technical content wise they are the same regardless of gender. But they can be tailored for groups or clubs to specific requirements.

We meet lots for women who are happy to venture off road but who have become uncomfortable when things become steep, technical or gnarly. We will teach you the physical skills required in controlling your bike in any situation and you’ll also learn how to think about your riding. You’ll gain the ability to ride your bike and not just be a passenger on it.

Skills and techniques covered in the women’s specific mountain bike course:

  • correct bike set up
  • body position and bike dynamics
  • brake modulation
  • confidence at speed; learn how to alter your perception of speed and ride faster
  • dealing with trail obstacles; how to get over, through and up things
  • cornering techniques; from switchbacks to fast
  • flat corners and berms
  • getting your wheels off the ground
  • drops, steps and jumps


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