Mastering Cornering & Pumping – Thursday 27th July, 2pm-5pm


This course is suitable for mountain bikers who want to flow around corners with confidence and control. Our mastering cornering and pumping course will take you through the techniques necessary to carve corners, rail berms and conquer switchbacks.

This course will run from 2pm to 5pm from Woburn/Aspley Woods, Bedfordshire, MK17

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Do you find yourself braking in the middle of corners and getting all out of shape losing grip, momentum and speed? Would you like to flow around corners with confidence and control? Then our cornering and pumping course is for you.

Your course will be tailored to meet your individual needs to help perfect your technique to carve corners, rail berms and conquer switchbacks. Our mastering cornering & pumping course covers:

  • Relaxing on the bike and staying loose 
  • Moving around the bike
  • Weighting & un-weighting the bike
  • Speed control
  • When and where to brake 
  • Attacking flat corners for speed 
  • Riding berms; high vs. low lines 
  • Pumping corners for speed and grip 
  • Switchbacks; line choice, body movement and reading the trail

Additional information

Coach: Suzanne Lacey

Hi, I’m Suzanne. I have been mountain biking for 15 years and racing for over 10 years. It’s been a dream of mine to be a mountain bike coach and to share my skills and knowledge and inspire riders of all ages to get on a bike and ride their local woods. From core skills mountain biking to hitting jumps and drops, I really enjoy watching my clients grow in confidence, develop their skills and give big high fives at the end if each session!

I started racing 4-cross in 2006 at national level and progressed to world cup level. I made the natural progression to racing Downhill Mountain biking in 2012 and raced my first downhill mountain bike world cup in Elite women’s in 2014 at Fort William. After a couple of years retiring from racing to travel and ride the worlds best bike parks from Morzine to Whistler, I have now started racing Downhill again this year which I will continue to at grass roots and national level. I love riding at my local spots at Woburn and Chicksands and like to venture around the country trail riding, downhilling and hitting bigger jumps.


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